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What happens after you send us your details

Once you have submitted your plan via the Plan Builder or registered your interest via our website, the RetrofitWorks delivery team will look after you.  Our service is rooted in a unique ‘Whole House’ approach, assessing your home from top to bottom and expertly guiding your retrofit project from beginning to end.

If you haven't already told us what type of survey you want, we will confirm this with you.  Visit the Your Options page to find out more. 

You will need to have a home visit survey and Whole House Plan report to move to the next stage.


Next, we create a specification for all the works you have chosen

This single document is written by your Retrofit Coordinator and used by all the contractors and designers working on your project.  It ensures everyone is following our technical guidance on how to best improve your home in line with your energy saving objectives.  It includes guidance on planning requirements, technical drawings and the sequence of work – all in line with industry best practice. 

If further technical specialist advice is needed, for example if you live in a listed property or there is damp that needs investigation - your Retrofit Coordinator will provide guidance on what is required and expected costs. 

The charge for the Coordinator’s time to produce your specification, gather quotes from our contractor network and help you select contractors is dependent on the size and complexity of your project – typically it is between £250 and £800.  


Finally, we oversee the project to completion

Once you have chosen your contractors, your Retrofit Coordinator will manage the delivery of work from start to finish, acting as your single point of contact, providing technical supervision and checking the quality of the work once completed - giving you peace of mind.  For this project ovesight there is a 10% charge, based on the total cost of the works to be carried out. 


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