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Remote Survey and Pre-Visit Whole House Plan


What is the Remote Survey and Pre-Visit Whole House Plan Service?

The Remote Survey is a survey of your home conducted over the phone by a Retrofit Coordinator that will collect information about your home without needing to visit it.  A Pre-Visit Whole House Plan is a report that uses the information gathered in the survey to provide you with bespoke expert advice on the improvements you could make to your home to reduce your CO2 emissions and your energy bills, prior to an onsite survey.


What information will you get

We will prepare a report that provides the first step in developing your strategy to improve your home.  We will evaluate your home and give you a breakdown of your current energy use and identify where you may be wasting energy.  We will summarise your potential options to reach ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions while estimating the costs and benefits of each improvement.


Why should I have a Pre-Visit Whole House Plan?

While the home survey and detailed consultancy provided in a Whole House Plan is essential before designing and getting quotes for improvements, the Pre-Visit Whole House Plan can provide you with a robust understanding of your options.  It provides a service for homeowners who are looking to avoid home visits, if that is a concern for you at this time.   It is also helpful for those who are seeking to understand potential options before committing to the Whole House Plan.


How does it work?

Once you have registered we will get in touch to arrange payment.  We’ll then get in touch to advise what information we need from you – typically this will simply be some photos of your property and heating system.  You will need either a digital camera or smart phone to be able to take and send these to us electronically.

We will then assign a Retrofit Coordinator to you, who will get in touch to arrange a call.  This can be a good old-fashioned telephone call, or a video messaging service such as Skype if you prefer.  This call will last no longer than one hour.

After the call, the Retrofit Coordinator will create and send your Pre-Visit Whole House Plan report.


Is there anything I need?

  • Access to a digital camera or smart phone
  • Able to take photos of the interior and exterior of your home
  • Able to send these photos to us electronically (we will explain how to do this)
  • Telephone number and email address


How much does it cost?

The Pre-Visit Whole House Plan costs £75.  This gives you one hour with our expert Retrofit Coordinators and a bespoke report on your home.


After receiving your Pre-Visit Whole House Plan report, we will send you a £75 voucher, valid for two months, that can be redeemed against a Warmer Sussex Whole House Plan (currently £200).


Why should I choose Warmer Sussex?

Warmer Sussex is delivered by RetrofitWorks who are a not-for-profit cooperative.  We have partnered with local organisations across Sussex to help make the journey to an energy efficiency home as straightforward as possible.  For more information visit our How It Works page.